In caving adventure you move from one chamber to
another through tunnels.Identify fossils, find gems and oslve
challenges in the chambers to move forward. At times you
come out of the caves to traverse climbing walls
Learn to use your body in new ways to move in the caves
as efficiently as possible. Observe your environment from a
new perspective and find routes from places you wouldn’t
believe you can get through


What is a Cave Adventure?

Cave Adventure is a fun, varied and exciting experience almost for adventurers of all ages and sizes
Luolaseikkailussa riittää valtavasti tutkittavaa


Caving adventure contains a lot of tunnels and chambers to explore and walls full of colorful holds for traversing sideways

Luolaseikkailun reitit ja haasteet vaihtelevat helposta vaikeaan


The routes and challenges vary from easy to hard and there are numerous entrances/exits along the way

Erilaiset pelit ja leikit tarjoavat lisätekemistä luolaseikkailuun


For those who want to visit often, we have a lot of different games and activities available

Opastus ja varusteet kuuluvat luolaseikkailulipun hintaan


You can borrow a helmet, a torch and knee- and elbow pads (if you like) for the duration of the adventure free of charge. Briefing and instructions are included in the price.

Luolaseikkailu sopii lähes kenelle tahansa normaalikokoiselle henkilölle


Caving adventure is suitable for almost any relatively normal sized person (our CEO is almost two meters tall and he was able to pass through all of the challenges)

What our customers say

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Caving was extremely versatile and fun activity. Helmets and torches added to the experience and my class was super excited. The children didn't want to leave, they had so much fun. In short, the class event was a success!street art pok pok, drinking vinegar raclette woke organic cornhole DIY literally lumbersexual lyft. Hashtag ugh vinyl kogi direct trade ramps franzen waistcoat fixie.

– Jenni S

Caving was a new and excting experience for everyone. One liked the ball pit chamber, another said the dark tunnels were the best. The adventure had a lot of things for everyone. Special thanks to our instructor for excellent and child-friendly briefing!

– Paula D

Dive into adventure!


Learn to control and move your body in new ways while advancing through the caves

Feel the excitement when you pass the chambers and solve problems

There’s a limited amount of spaces for each adventure, so you can explore the caves at your own pace.

We have always a good weather for adventure!

Non-adventurers can spend their time shopping in the commercial center or relax at our café.

Only 12 € / person

You can borrow the equipment at the checkout,
briefing is included in the price